Mandelbrot Farewell

My farewell essay about Benoit MandelbrotBenoit Mandelbrot - IBM appears this weekend in the Times Magazine’s year-end issue, The Lives They Lived. It’s here: “Fractal Vision.”

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2 Responses to Mandelbrot Farewell

  1. Lillian F. Schwartz says:

    Dear James Gleick:

    I just read your article about Benoit. I did not know he had died and do feel saddened by his passing.

    Your article is excellent.

    I met Benoit at IBM, Yorktown in 1983. Richard Voss, a physicist at IBM was working with Benoit, writing software for fractals. Besides helping Benoit make selections of images for his book on Fractals, my husband Jack, a Pediatrician who also died at 85 of Pancreatic Cancer, and I became friends of Benoit and his wife Aliette. Unfortunately, our communication lessened after I completed a two-year period at IBM and returned to Bell Labs in MH. However, I did arrange a lunch at our house in NJ with Benoit, Aliette and Bela Julesz and Margit. Benoit and Bela knew of each other but had never met. It was a wonderful afternoon watching and listening to these two giants interact.

    I am a n admirer of your writing and look forward to rereading your “Chaos” on my Kindle.

    Thank you for capturing the amazing Benoit I knew.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a Healthy and Happy New Year.

    Lillian Schwartz

  2. Rudy Rucker says:

    Hi James,

    Good old Mandelbrot! Today I happened to learn a way to make our old CHAOS program run (maybe) on all platforms: Linux, Windows 7, and Mac. Check out my blog post about it, with a download page link at\

    As ever,

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